After a decade in the corporate events space, Soulful Experiences' founder, Claire Baines, witnessed (and indeed delivered) many events that met the client's brief but lacked spark and inspiration.

She was faced with a choice. To continue delivering “safe” events that corporate clients had grown accustomed to, or to step out of corporate box in order to deliver something special.

Events that were both aligned to her passion and beliefs and sought after by clients looking to try something fresh, new and non-traditional. Sure, delegates might have a good time at a traditional event, but is a good time really the best use of company resources?

Taking your team, clients and key customers out of the office and away to a multi-day event is a huge commitment of resources and, in our opinion, the event should deliver a whole lot more than just a good time! If you haven’t stretched minds, expanded thinking, challenged views or left an impression on your team's soul, have you really maximised the potential return on your investment?

There’s a market for the corporate junkets and if you’ve been on enough conferences you’ve probably been on one or two -- but that’s not what Soulful Experiences is about. Don't risk damage to your brand, or challenge public confidence in how you operate, all because a conference has been ill-conceived or is fraught with danger.

Events run by Soulful Experiences are the kind of events that you want your consumers to know about and represent an investment that you will be proud to stand behind. No longer will the measure of a good conference be that everyone is home safe and there has been no bad publicity, which is often based upon good luck more than anything else.

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