Incentive travel with a social twist

Incentive travel programs are a common feature of many businesses. Unfortunately, many of these programs have developed a poor reputation as mere junkets. Here at Soulful Experiences, we want to turn this trend around. We aim to deliver high quality incentive programs where everyone wins: the participants, the community and the business.

Through our work with clients and our global partners, we have found that doing something out of the ordinary produces returns on a deeper and more sustained level. Unlike traditional incentive programs, we don’t rely on the size of the dinner bill or price of a bottle of wine to impress. Instead, we create meaningful experiences that leave a lasting impression on participants while still delivering results to the business.

Sure, we will take your group to some amazing places and show them the sights. But we will also show them a different side to that destination and introduce them to world thought leaders who will leave a lasting impression on their heart.

  • If your incentive program or sales trip has become more of an entitlement within your organisation and clients, we can help you reset the strategy and go back to the core objectives of these trips.
  • If you are looking to increase employee engagement, celebrate a milestone, hit sales targets, or build customer loyalty, we encourage you to break the mould and consider a Soulful Experience.
  • We can tailor a program to any location, so if there is a particular destination you have to go talk to us about what we can deliver, or if you are after inspiration, check out some of the destinations where we can go.

Contact us today to find out how we can assist you to design, develop and deliver your next incentive travel program.

Professional development programs

You can’t beat learning through experience. Understanding resilience from a woman who has buried 1,029 children, the power of influence from a remarkable leader who has battled with the government for women’s rights, or the notion of story telling from our Aboriginal Elders.

We can work with your Learning & Development people to understand your desired learning outcomes and tailor an experience that will meet your goals while also offering an incredibly rich learning experience.

Whether you are organising a one-day offsite, a multi-day conference or a leadership retreat, we can introduce your team to incredible thought leaders who have lived remarkable lives and expose them to people they might not have heard of, but will never forget.

Locally, we also work with different charity partners to create one-day team building activities that combine learning with fun and provide benefits to the less fortunate.

  • If you are looking for something longer and more in depth, we work with various partners both in Australia and Internationally to develop bespoke programs that combine learning and experience that benefits all.
  • If you’re tired of classroom learning and want to provide a new environment from which your people can learn, then speak to us about creating a bespoke learning experience for your team. 
  • If you want to create an environment that breeds innovation and creativity, then we can help you inject some innovation and creativity into your development programs.

The world from which your group will come will seem to spin in the opposite direction to where we take them but its from this stark contradiction that the greatest lessons are often learnt. Their thinking will be disrupted, challenged and provoked; it’s what we do and it’s what we like to create.

Contact us today to find out more about our uniquely tailored development programs. 

Engaging fundraising experiences  

We work with for purpose organisations to create shared experiences that bring in new money and long term partnerships. We can help maximise your return on your current events and increase profits, but also bring in new partners and experiences that tap into different funding opportunities. 

Whether you're looking for ways to engage your current corporate supporters or maximise your fundraising campaigns, Soulful Experiences can provide an end-to end event strategy solution without the overheads of a full time employee.

We will work closely with you to understand your vision and then create an extraordinary calendar of events and unique experiences that will engage the heart, head and hands of your supporters, bring corporate partners closer to your organisation and provide benefits back to the communities that you operate in. 

Whether it's a challenge based fundraising campaign, team building activity or bespoke corporate program, Soulful Experiences is here to help you kick goals and ultimately provide positive benefits back to your communities and causes. 

  • If you're a for purpose organisation seeking to bring in new partners and money then speak to us about how we can tailor a unique event strategy that meets your goals.
  • If you'd like to align yourself closer with your existing corporate partners and attract new partners then let's have a chat about how we can create bespoke experiences that benefit all. We have extensive experience in corporate therefore we know how to bring the two together. 
  • If you're looking for an engaging fundraising campaign that brings your participants and sponsors back year after year, then you should absolutely consider a Soulful Experience.

Contact us today to find out how we can create a bespoke program for your organisation.

Who wins?

Your business, your delegates and your community all stand to benefit.

Expected returns from a Soulful Experience include:

  • Improved morale within the business
  • Increased employee engagement 
  • Brand enhancement
  • Brand differentiation 
  • Employee and client retention
  • Employee and client attraction
  • New business opportunities
  • Contribution towards your Corporate Social Responsibility strategy and sustainability reporting